Best Foreign Currency Service In New York City

City Experts aims to create a worry free currency exchange service for all of Manhattan and New York City’s foreign currency exchange needs. We offer more value for your foreign currency than any other money exchange in Times Square.

  • We buy and sell more than 80 foreign currencies from countries around the world
  • We cash US traveler’s checks and foreign traveler’s checks
  • Hold currencies such as Euros, UK Pounds, and Canadian Dollars in stock daily for purchases. We welcome late planners!
  • Competitive currency exchange rates every day
  • Excellent and knowledgeable customer service staff with decades of experience

Whether you are traveling internationally for business or pleasure, alone or with your family, we know you would rather spend your money enjoying your travel destination. Stop in today for the best foreign currency exchange experience around New York.


City Experts is in compliance with all laws and regulations at the State and Federal level. Compliance is at the forefront of its entire business operating model and business plan. City Experts is an Agent of Currency Exchange International, Corp. ( The foreign currency exchange compliance program utilizes industry leading software to increase the accuracy of its monitoring process, a structured compliance monitoring program, and relies on an experienced compliance team so that everyone involved is comfortable with every client and transaction performed.

2 thoughts on “Foreign Currency Exchange

  1. Hi Elisa,

    Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase ARS at the moment due to the political and economic uncertainty in Argentina. Right now, there is no wholesale market for the currency, which trickles down to meaning all retail currency exchange shops are limited in what we can purchase. Please check back in at a later date and I hope that we will be able to help.

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